Raving Testimonials from Our Practice Members

Check out the testimonials below to find out how our practice members have overcame their health issues and are now thriving in their lives.

Tim Lost 16 lbs. and has More Energy

Tim was suffering from a number of ailments such as high blood pressure and weight gain. When he came across Dr. Wannigman’s program, he knew it was unlike anything else he’d tried before. Tim has since went down four pants sizes, lost 16 lbs. and is overall looking and feeling much better.

Lisa Feels Like Herself Again

Lisa has had tremendous success with Dr. Wannigman’s programs. Before the program, she was suffering from joint pain, insomnia, weight gain and hormone imbalance. Through her journey, she has lost 20 lbs. and is totally energized.

Better Sleep and More Confidence

I've lost 26 lb, I sleep better, I do have more energy more evenly throughout the day, I've gained confidence in my ability to influence my over all well being. If you want a good partner in your journey to better health, if you want a doctor who will listen and is genuinely curious about your health needs, if you want someone who will allow plenty of time for you during your appointments--then call Dr. Wanni.

Barbara L.

San Diego Naturopathic Practice Member

Norma is Thriving Through a Pandemic

Since Norma met Dr. Wannigman, she feels better despite having a stressful household that gave her anxiety. Now she’s laughing and feels good again even through all of the stress and difficulty that comes with living through a pandemic.

Terri is more Focused, Energized and Happy

From just a month and a half ago, Terri’s ability to function has drastically improved. She doesn’t have the highs and lows she used to but can stay focused and happy throughout the day.

Tim Wishes He'd Done This Ten Years Ago

Two years ago Tim was feeling fatigued and tired. He thought it was just a part of aging, but he found out the truth with Dr. Wannigman. Tim made numerous lifestyle changes and now he feels energetic and happy.

More Energy than 10 Years Ago

I have more energy than I had 10 years ago. I owe my future to Dr. Wannigman. He has a vast knowledge of the critical chemical pathways in the body and how to gain maximum health by supporting the body's own healing mechanisms. He takes the time to clearly explain each test result and how our diet and lifestyle choices can improve our health. My liver specialist tells me I am the healthiest patient he has with my condition. Thank you!

Tim H.

San Diego Naturopathic Practice Member

Tina Triumphed Over Her Migraines

Tina started her program just a month ago because she was feeling awful. After following the program, she feels so much better, has more energy and has rid herself of her migraines.

Sabrina is Accomplishing Her Goals

Sabrina was sluggish and sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. She had arthritis and didn’t sleep well. After the program she’s gotten off many of her medications and now she feels much better and is accomplishing her goals.

Elma Feels Energetic and Sleeps Better

Elma came to see Dr. Wannigman after starting menopause. She felt lethargic and was actually pre-diabetic. After seeing Dr. Wannigman, she feels so much better and has more energy.

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