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Wellness Programs

Our comprehensive wellness programs are created as a curriculum, where they are individually designed to meet your needs, and empower you to move through and successfully complete a proactive, educationally-based learning experience…Read More

San Diego Naturopathic Medicine
Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Wannigman  has a long, tenured career as a medical provider including having been a key component to the team that drafted what would become the California Naturopathic Doctors Act of 2004…Read More

San Diego Functional Medicine
Wellness Coaching

Our wellness coaching is designed to look at your specific individual nutritional needs. We don’t incorporate  weird or quirky diets or fads.  Rather, It’s about teaching practice members  how to use food as fuel to create outcomes to facilitate a healthy quality of life, rather than simply use food for how it tastes or strictly as a means of counting calories…Read More

San Diego Functional Medicine
Bioidentical Hormone Replenishment

Bioidentical Hormone Replenishment Therapy (BHRT) supports you by revitalizing your quality of life by expertly balancing and replenishing your hormone levels. This improves functional states and allows you to live your life to the fullest, with zest and vitality… Read More

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These former patients went from suffering from their health problems to living with vitality, vigor and enthusiasm.

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