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Dr. Peter Wannigman, aka DocWanni, is licensed both as a naturopathic doctor and pharmacist and has been active in formal healthcare for nearly 30 years. As a naturopathic doctor, he is trained to find the underlying cause of illness instead of just treating symptoms. He looks at many factors that contribute to health. These include genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors.

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I’ve been an expert on BOTH sides of the coin. I’ve dedicated enormous amounts of time to become educated in the pursuit of helping people pursue their wellness.

I was a pharmacist before I was a naturopath and I found out the hard way pharmaceuticals weren’t promoting wellness. Most pharmacists were about waiting around and then just helping to manage disease.

I stepped outside that box, took chances, LOTS of chances and was willing to climb a very steep mountain through LOTS of opposition in order to get to this place where I am now, as a licensed ND.

I saw a need for change and I dedicated my life to assuring it could happen. By me becoming an ND and then by being involved in the legislative effort to license naturopathic medicine in CA, including being one of 5 who penned the Naturopathic Doctors Act of 2004, which licensed ND’s in CA.

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Our comprehensive wellness programs are designed for us to guide you successfully through your wellness journey. The first step is always the most difficult, but we know once you begin, you are destined for success with our wellness programs.

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